Chinese factory high effect organic fertilizers liquid fertilizer

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Organic Fertilizer
CAS No.:
Other Names:
Place of Origin:
Shandong, China
Release Type:
Foliar Spray
Brand Name:
Qingdao Future Group
Model Number:
organic fertilizer
light brown liquid
Total amino acid:
Organic polymeric carbon:
QCBC gene bio induced elicitor:
QCBC biological activator:
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
20000 Liter/Liters per Month
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Packaging Details
200L drum or 1L,5L 10L 20L bottle


 Chinese factory high effect organic fertilizers liquid fertilizer



GENEXPRESS 3310 is a Gene bio induced elicitor and activator (GBEA), It is patent product belonging to qingdao Colorland Bioscience Co.,Ltd(QCBC). It is a safe ,green and high-tech product. It works by combining the QCBC gene biological induced elicitor and QCBC biological activator. To activate the gene express channel of crop; to activate the crop cells own various active substances and biological enzymes, so that the plant internal active substances and enzymes are more coordinated and more efficient to operate; significantly improve the crop immune functions; to activate and induce crop to grow more naturally and healthily ;to induce and activate crops resistance on bacteria, fungi, viruses, pests such more than 100 kinds; to improve the rejection of diseases and insect pests. The control effect on disease and pesticide is over 50%, for different crops, the yield quantity increase by 10% -100%. This product is without heavy metals and any hormone substances and suitable for any green ecological agriculture and organic farm.

To promote plant health, enhance resistance to all kinds of viruses and diseases;

To enhance the environmental tolerance of crops such as drought, salinity, temperature, natural disasters, etc.

To improve the rejection of pests and diseases;

To make the plant strong, protect and promote the fruit, have high and good yield, extend the picking period. 

To improve fruit uniformity and tuber crop resistance;

To improve the fruits and vegetables tolerance on handling and storage, extend shelf life;


In the short term to increase crop yield and quality;


Usage and dosage:

Foliar application

1 Horticulture & vegetables: dilute 2000 times, 120-240ml per Ha, spray evenly. Use once every 10-20 days, accords to the plant growth cycle, and use 3-6 times per growth period.

2. Fruit plants: dilute 2000 times, 240-360ml 120-240ml per Ha, spray evenly. According plant growth cycle and crops use 3-5 times   (1-2 times before flowering and fruit-set period, fruit maturing period).

3. In case of drought, water logging, low temperature, high temperature, or early stage of disease and insect pests, spray 1-2 more times according to the situation; use more times for long grow season crops appropriately.

Root treatment and soaking


Dilute 2000 times, soak root and seeds, root and seeds are all soaked.


Shake well before use, if crystallization, dilute with water.

In case of a large area of plant diseases and insect pests, this product can be mixed with insecticides and fungicides, please add this product into the diluted solution. Stir while add ,mix evenly before use.

This contained gene biological inducer and biological activator are sensitive to metal ions and chloride, avoid mixing with metal ions and chloride ion products (please do not use fresh tap water to dilute).

The best period for applying is morning and afternoon, avoid the sun, and spray the dilution on foliage and stem evenly. No need to spray if there is rain after the application of 3 hours.  


8ml bag

100 ml bottle

1 liters bottle

5 liter and 20 liter square barreltorage:

This product should be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated, rain-proof area, avoid direct sunlight