QFG Polymazing Rooty Liquid Nitrogen organic fertilizer

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Biological Fertilizer
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Other Names:
Polymazing Rooty
Place of Origin:
Shaanxi, China (Mainland)
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100% Organic
soil and foliar application
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QFG Polymazing Rooty
QFG Polymazing Rooty
green liquid
L- amino acid:
Chelated Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn:
Chelated B, Mo:
Polymer carbon:
water soluble:
20000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Year
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kraft bag with PE liner 2 kgs net
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within 10 days

Polymazing Rooty

                       Basic information




L-αamino acid : 100g/L

Chelated Cu, Fe, Mn,Zn:  17g/L

Chelated B, Mo: 5g/L

Nitrogen : 180g/L

Polymer carbon:220g/L

PH(1:250): 6.5±0.5

EC(1:250) : 0.65ms/cm

Gravity : 1.25±0.1 g/cm3




1000L barrel,200L barrel

10 L bottle, 2 bottle in one carton

5L bottle, 4 bottle in one carton


1. This product contents the natural L-αamino acid , it is with small molecular weight and easily absorbed, it can quickly promote root

division and cell elongation.

2. This product is with high content chelated microelement and nitrogen, provide nutrients for plants and promote the root develop.

3, After using in the soil, the polymer carbon can provide the available nutrients for the beneficial bacteria, the propagation of bacteria is rapid, so, the root growth environments improved fast and consistently.

A variety of bioactivators stimulate the plant growth and promote the root growth , at the same time significantly improve nutrient uptake of the root . While adjust the crop functions, enhance crop resistance against cold, drought, water logging, heat and high salinity



Dilute 200 times and add the planting soil, 7-10 days at room temperature, there are a lot of beneficial bacterial like fungi, bacteria, actinomycetes ect. It can shows that this products can improve the soil, provide the organic matter, improve the soil microflora quantity, at the same time, it reflects that this products is non-toxic, safe and effective.

Rooty contained in the root of the pure natural extract can promote the root cell division and elongation.Trace elements and nitrogen in the chelating state with high content of Colorland rooty can provide adequate nutrition for root growth and

promote the development of root system 

QFG rooty classical test case    

Guilin Lipu County, lemon grower, Boss Mr.Bi, in small lemon seedling of about an acre of land do QFG  rooty test, with two root force pure root irrigation, a month after the test results picture. Lemon leaf yellowing problem has not solved effectively all the time, after using QFG rooty one month later,June 2015 lemon leaf clearly turned green, leaf thickness, lemon seedlings restored.



Shuangtai zhongPei Village in Changyi City


Zhang Baoguo, 15954430013


Crop: big ginger


Density: 4000 plants /ac


Land age of ginger : the first year


Fertilizer application: Flood flushing



Polymazing Fruity


Basic information






K2O: 500g/L min

Absorbable N: 40 g/L min

Chelated Fe: 60g/L min

Polymer carbon: 200g/L



Physical property:

Gravity (w / v): 1.45 ± 0.1 at 20

EC value (0.1%): 0.65ms cm-1 at 20

PH (0.4%): 7 ± 0.5

Appearance: clear and transparent brown liquid




                                                        1. Specifically for underground tubers:

5 L per bottle, 4 bottles in one carton

15 L per bottle, 2 bottles in one carton

                                                       2. Specifically for fruits and vegetables:

5 L per bottle, 4 bottles in one carton





Principle1. High content of fluid potassium source, easy absorbed, high utilization rate, more efficient than conventional solid potash fertilizer, greatly promote the transfer of carbohydrates from the origin to the sink:the fruits will be bigger, more colorful, sweeter.

2. Chelated Fe is more stable than conventional chelating iron. During the later stages of crop growth, due to nutrient flow caused leaf senescence ;Or due to temperature, genetic, physiological aging caused leaf yellow .Sufficient high potential iron source can effectively maintain the chloroplast stability or the synthesis of new chloroplasts, promote photosynthetic product formation, promote photosynthetic phosphorylation provide energy, delay the leaf senescence, live bar mature, so as to improve the yield and quality.

3. Small molecule polymer carbon and seaweed extract, those are pure natural biological stimulating hormone with small molecular weight. They are easy to be absorbed, accelerate nutrient return, compensatory and enough carbon sources, significantly increase the rate of carbohydrate synthesis, improve soil condition , stimulate root absorption of nutrients, delay root aging, strong adhesion can improve foliar absorption and utilization, improve crop resistance .

4. Reasonable ratio of absorbed nitrogen further promotes the fruit size.

5. The special type for underground tubers, the natural bio stimulation can accelerate crop nutrient reverse transport process, control flourishing, and increase the underground tubers.






Special type of underground tuber


Containing 500 g / L potassium efficient source to promote rapid enlargement of underground tubers or root, tuber or root starch increased dry matter accumulation, increase production.40g/L can be absorbed N, which can meet the demand of N in the expansion of the underground tuber, reasonable N/K, synergistic absorption and high efficiency.With 6g/L DTPA-Fe, can effectively prevent and alleviate Leaf Chlorosis due to iron deficiency, aging, chlorophyll, leaf thickness.G / L alginate lysate containing, can promote the accumulation of material within cells, increased cell wall thickness and toughness, greatly improve crop resistance to frost, drought and other anti stress ability.Wsoc containing 30g/L can be directly absorbed by plants, increasing the content of endogenous C, increasing the endogenous hormones and the accumulation of dry matter.


Rapid enlargement of underground tuber






Shandong big ginger and Neimeng potato



Promote direction

Suitable crops:

All the crops

1 Underground tubers: Ginger, potatoes, etc.

2 Fruits, vegetables: Grapes, apple, strawberry, citrus , banana, tomato    ect .   

   Sensitive crop: None

   Not suitable crops: None

Promote time:

During the middle and late of the crop: when the crops need high content potassium, increase the size, color, and the sugar.


Special type for fruit &vegetable underground tubers: drip irrigation, flush, 5L per Ha. Apply with foliar application 1-2 times (200-500 dilute, it means that after soil application, left some products, and used as foliar application).

 Potato base: 200—500 Sprinkler irrigation.

 Tip: special fertilizer, don’t mix the products for fruits and for    ungrounded tubers, don’t use on other crops.

Observation points:

1. Leaves green and dark, the phenomenon of premature aging, yellowing  phenomenon

2. Fruit caliber, weight, color, sugar content, the overall uniformity, overall yield, the overall unit price


1. Specifically fertilizer

2. When used as foliar, the dilution rate is at least 200 times

3. When used as foliar application , please follow thefoliar application rules.